Useradd (Solaris)

#useradd -d /export/home/fred -m -s /bin/ksh -c “Fred Smith” fred

#useradd -c “a-Autosys Admin” -g 5998 -u 8873 -k /etc/skel -s “/bin/ksh”

Create volume group in AIX

Create a volume group that contains 3 physical volumes with partition size set to 64 megabyte

# mkvg -s 64 hdisk2 hdisk3 hdisk4

Create volume group using all unused “None status” disks

# mkvg -S -y datavg -s ’64’ -n `lspv|grep None| awk ‘{print $1}’| xargs`


Create volume group in Linux

1. If creating the volume group from scratch, verify which disk to use to create the volume group. (note: Assuming that disk has already been added)

# fdisk -l

Disk /dev/sdb doesn’t contain a valid partition table.

2. Create the partition inside the added disk and verify.

# cfdisk /dev/sdb
# fdisk -l

3. Create the physical volume with pvcreate and verify using pvdisplay

# pvcreate /dev/sdb1
# pvdisplay /dev/sdb1

4. Create the volume group using vgcreate and verify with vgdisplay.

# vgcreate new_vg /dev/sdb1
# vgdisplay

If adding disk with more than one partition

# vgcreate new_vg /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb2
# vgdisplay

Shutdown (Linux,AIX,Solaris)


Shutdown putting server to halt
# /sbin/shutdown -h now

Shutdown with reboot

# /sbin/shutdown -r now
# reboot

You may also use
# halt
# poweroff

Using init command e.g. init 6
0 — Halt
1 — Single-user text mode
2 — Not used (user-definable)
3 — Full multi-user text mode
4 — Not used (user-definable)
5 — Full multi-user graphical mode (with an X-based login screen)
6 — Reboot


Shutdown and power off bypassing messages to users (No grace period)

# shutdown -F

Shutdown and reboot

# shutdown -Fr

To enter single user user mode, use -m flag

# shutdown -m
# shutdown -m now


Shutdown immediately

# shutdown -y -i5 -g0
# sync;sync;init 5
# poweroff


# shutdown -y -i6 -g0
# sync;sync;init 6
# reboot